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The soft herbal green hue of Clary Sage.

 Another Home With Kris & Jim Blog Update!  

Hey everyone, it's time for another exciting edition of our "Home with Kris & Jim" Blog! Today, we're thrilled to showcase the stunning before and after photos of a kitchen renovation we completed just yesterday. Trust us, you won't believe the transformation!

Let's start with the before pictures... Honestly, this kitchen was straight out of a time capsule from 1964! While it might have been the height of style back then, it definitely wasn't cutting it for modern living. But fear not, because with the magic touch of our design guru Kris McLusky, this outdated space has been completely revitalized!

Kris has truly become the area's go-to expert for transforming small spaces into something truly spectacular. And let me tell you, this kitchen renovation is no exception. Say goodbye to dark and dreary, and hello to a fresh, botanical vibe of earth tones and green!

Our secret weapon? The soft herbal green hue of Clary Sage.  It's like a breath of fresh air, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to the heart of the home. And paired with those gorgeous Alder Butter Pecan cabinets? Absolute perfection!

But we didn't stop there. Oh no, we went all out with top-of-the-line quartz countertops and luxurious LVT wood flooring. The result? A space that's not only beautiful but also functional and built to last!

And if you're feeling inspired, why not reach out to Kris at McLusky Showcase Kitchens to see how we can work our magic in your own home?



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